A colposcopy is an office procedure that is recommended when you have an abnormal Pap smear.  This procedure should be done when you are not experiencing your menstrual period so that your cervix can be fully visualized.  After placing a speculum in your vagina, a magnifying scope is used to look at your cervix for signs of abnormal cells.  Biopsies are performed to sample the abnormally appearing areas.  You may experience mild cramping and discomfort.  Bleeding also occurs from the biopsy sites, which is controlled with a medicine called Monsel’s solution.  You can expect a “coffee-ground” like vaginal discharge for 5-7 days after the colposcopy.  It is okay to use liners or pads as needed.  The results of the biopsies are available 7-10 days after the procedure.  You will receive specific follow up instructions once your health care provider has reviewed the biopsy results.  Please call the office if you have not received results of follow up instructions in two weeks.